The world’s oldest virus research lab

Jul 3, 2023 | Science, Videos

The Friedrich Loeffler Institute on the isolated Baltic Sea island of Riems is home to one of only three high-security labs in the world where dangerous diseases can be studied under strict conditions. New viruses and diseases, previously only seen in tropical climates, are now spreading across Europe – African Swine Fever is a growing problem in Eastern Europe and could soon hit pig farms in the world’s third-largest pork producer, Germany.

In the upcoming documentary, Third Person, we’ll take a closer look at the efforts of these researchers as they work around the clock to stop the spread of these highly contagious diseases. We’ll go inside the high-security lab and see the various research projects underway. You’ll hear from the experts themselves, as they talk about the challenges they face and the potential solutions they’re working on. Join us on this fascinating journey into the world of viral research and discover the lengths that scientists will go to in order to keep us safe.

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David B