The world’s most polluted river | DW Documentary

May 2, 2023 | Nature, People, Social, Videos

Discover the hidden gems of Iran through a unique journey on the Trans-Iranian Railway. In a new documentary, viewers witness the country’s fascinating transformation as it gradually opens its doors to the world. From the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea, the railway runs for over 1400 kilometers, travelling through breathtaking landscapes and stopping to explore some of Iran’s most incredible sites.

As the travel restrictions are lifted, the documentary captures the reactions of the locals, who are hoping for a future where they can live a freer life. They are hospitable and welcoming, showcasing Iran in a new light during this exciting moment of change. Watch as the journey takes us through the historic hydraulic system and UNESCO World Heritage Site in Shushtar and up into the Zagros Mountains – a breathtaking adventure that reaches 2,200 meters above sea level between Dorud and Arak. Refuel with the pastry delicacy, sohan, during a brief stop in Qom before heading to the metropolitan area of Teheran. The adventure culminates in Bandar-e Torkaman on the Caspian Sea, where we discover the role that the railway played in World War II. Get ready for an oriental rail experience that will leave you wanting more.

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David B