The award-winning documentary film The Whole World is Watching dives into the importance of free speech and standing up for oneself in a world where powerful figures are increasingly wary of citizens with cameras. Directed by Michael Sizer, this thought-provoking documentary uncovers some of the obstacles that citizen journalists may face when attempting to capture and expose any wrongdoings in public.

In the digital age, social media has made it easier than ever to share content with an audience of millions, from personal stories to breaking news. This has led to heightened scrutiny from those in power, who are becoming increasingly aware of how their actions may be questioned or exposed by independent citizen journalists. Thus, The Whole World is Watching explores the implications for our right to freedom of expression as the world moves closer towards a surveillance state.

The documentary follows real-life examples of citizen journalism in action, unveiling stories from around the globe as we learn more about these individuals’ experiences in challenging authority. It offers an inspiring vision for those passionate about recording injustice and forcing change through their own videos and reporting.

We all need to protect our right to freely express ourselves without fear and The Whole World is Watching provides a fascinating insight into how others are doing just that. By watching this groundbreaking film we can gain a deeper understanding of how citizen journalism can be used as a tool for justice while also learning how we can use our own voice to make a difference.