"The Waiter" - A Toni Kukoč Story

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Toni Kukoc is arguably among the top 10 best non-American NBA players. He won three championships with the Chicago Bulls. Toni was an integral part of the Bulls’ second dynasty and their second three-peat.
Born in September 1968, Kukoc is a Croatian former professional basketball player. Between 1993 and 2006, he played for four NBA teams, but achieved greatest success with the Bulls.
Renowned for his versatility and passing ability, he played multiple positions with prowess. His natural position was small forward, but he also played power forward and point guard in some lineups.
Kukoc enjoyed success in international play as well, winning Olympic silver medals in 1988 (Yugoslavia) and 1992 (Croatia).
Kukoc also won the EuroLeague championships three times from 1989 to 1991. He and Vassilis Spanoulis are the only players in history to receive the EuroLeague Final Four MVP honor on three occasions.

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