The Vatican Insider

Nov 12, 2022 | Conspiracy, Religion, Videos

Anytime you bring the words “controversy” and “Vatican” together, you have something worth reading or watching. There are tons of documentaries about the Vatican, and all the controversies surrounding it.

Truth be told, Vatican does not do something to reduce their numbers. The Vatican church in its own is controversial enough. But when you add priests to the equation, and popes as well, you have the recipe for stories, mysteries, and controversies.

This documentary is different in its own right. Told through the writings and voices of a Vatican insider, the documentary follows a cinematographic style that is clear.

The documentary touches on several topics, including church taxes, connection with the United States, oil companies, and much more.

Word of notice: You still choose what you believe to be true and what you dismiss as BS.

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Riyan H.