The Van Halen Story

May 8, 2022 | Music, Performing Arts, Videos

As their rise to popularity grow, Van Halen were taking center stage on so many events, they became one of the first major rock acts at the time. Their most successful album was 1984, with the lead single Jump becoming an international hit and reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Van Halen were also one of the pioneers in terms of specific requirements on their concerts. They ordered “this much amount of beer, this much food, certain amounts of cigarettes. If the promotors did not read the memo with the requirements, or they didn’t meet all of them, there was no concert.

And while most people and bands go out there and party one night in the weekend and then have a week to recover, Van Halen did it every night. The party never stopped.

Van Halen reinvented rock music when they appeared, and they are still one of the few bands out there that you can listen any of their albums, straight through without skipping a single song.

And as one reporter says, the “girls wanted to be with them, the guys wanted to be like them”.  There will hardly be another Van Halen, and that is a good thing. Take a look at some of their thoughts, concerts and the story behind their music in the Van Halen story documentary

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Riyan H.