The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

May 6, 2024 | Drugs, Videos

Psychotropic drugs are a multi-billion dollar industry, but unfortunately there is no known cure for this burgeoning industry. Worse still, these widely prescribed drugs cause an estimated 42,000 deaths each year. In the gripping and eye-opening documentary “Psychotropic Drugs: Fueling a $330 Billion Psychiatric Industry Without a Single Cure,” viewers gain an inside look at the dangerous consequences of this lucrative and largely unchecked industry.

Through more than 175 interviews with doctors, mental health experts, family members of those affected by these drugs, and survivors themselves, “Psychotropic Drugs” reveals the shocking truth This can’t-miss documentary also shines a light on how big pharma makes huge profits while patients suffer devastating side effects and life-threatening conditions.

This sobering film features real-life stories of victims who were prescribed powerful mind-altering drugs to manage their mental health issues, often without knowing the extent of the potential risks or long-term effects that could result. taking these drugs. As more and more information is revealed

For anyone who wants to learn more It provides important insight into how this multi-billion dollar industry works and what it takes to ensure that patients receive safe and effective medical care without risking their lives or well-being.

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David B