The Tsaatan ride the reindeer – Lords of the Animals

May 26, 2023 | Animals, Videos

The Tsaatan tribe of reindeer herders have called the Saïan Mountains of Mongolia their home for centuries. Bat, a member of this dwindling culture, has a special bond with his sacred reindeer. This mammal is believed to protect the family from sickness and disease, and holds an honored place in the community.

Through centuries of adaptation, the Tsaatan have made huge advancements in survival despite harsh environmental conditions. Learning how to ride reindeers and using them as beasts of burden to transport goods is just one example. The recent documentary on this culture “Reindeer People” by director Mike Day shows this unique way of life and gives viewers a detailed look into their fascinating culture and rituals.

The film follows Bat’s story as he navigates his relationship with his herd and discovers what it means to be part of the nomadic Tsaatan tribe as oceans change rapidly around him. It takes us through breathtaking landscapes while capturing some truly remarkable sights including traditional music performances and moments that can only be seen through Bat’s loving eyes.

Societies like these are becoming increasingly rare in our interconnected world – making it even more important to observe them as they stand today. Through Reindeer People, we learn about how these people live their lives on the edge and continue adapting to climate change while they struggle to maintain their indigenous cultural identity. We hope that you will take this opportunity to watch this wonderful documentary about a fading way of life and experience something truly unique – the story of Bat and his people: The Tsaatan Tribe.

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David B