The TRULY ENRAGING Case of Grace Millane

Jul 25, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Grace Millane had recently embarked on an exciting journey of exploration around the world, and her destination of choice was New Zealand. Little did she know, this excursion would be cut tragically short. In December 2018 Grace Millane met Jesse Shane Kempson via Tinder and the two spent the evening together with plans to meet up again.

Unfortunately, their second meeting ended in tragedy as Grace Millane never left Jesse’s hotel room alive. This true crime story is now featured in a documentary produced by true crime YouTuber “The True Reality.” The documentary dives deep into the unsettling details surrounding Grace’s murder at the hands of Jesse Shane Kempson in Room 308 of that Auckland hotel.

As viewers, we are given an inside look at Grace’s life during her travels, including interviews with family and friends who remember her fondly for her bubbly personality and courage to explore the world alone. The documentary also takes us into the courtroom for a detailed account of what happened in Room 308 that fateful night – a gripping narrative full of drama and emotion.

For those interested in learning more about this case, “The True Reality” provides insight through its powerful true crime documentary every Friday and Sunday. Take a journey inside Room 308, learn more about Grace Millane’s inspiring life story, and experience how justice was served for her senseless murder. Don’t miss out – watch “The True Reality” today!

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David B