The True Story of Black Hawk Down

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This documentary analyzes the historical accuracy of the 2001 movieBlack Hawk Down. The truth about those two fateful days in Mogadishu are more interesting then the fictionalized Hollywood version!

On October 3, 1993, 120 Delta Force commandos and Army Rangers were dropped in the center of Mogadishu, Somalia. His mission was a daylight fast attack to kidnap terrorist carrying Mohammed Farrah Aidid, who had been killing the UN workers providing food to starving Somalis. Aidid objective was control of the country by controlling all the food.

The U.S. raid went with clockwork precision, until the unexpected happened. Two U.S. helicopters Black Hawk, the soldiers of air transportation, were shot down. The mission changed abruptly to a rescue operation. Surrounded by Somali militia, a fierce firefight ensued, leaving U.S. troops trapped and fighting for their lives. The test left 18 American men killed, 70 wounded, with 3,000 Somali casualties.

This brilliant documentary tells the story of the truth “Black Hawk Down” through the memories and voices of survivors of the Special Forces. Also included are Somali militiamen when they tell their harrowing experiences of the battle.

The True Story of Black Hawk is a reminder of the courage and determination of our armed forces and their faith and commitment to never leave a man behind.

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