The True Cost is a groundbreaking documentary that uncovers the dark side of fast fashion. It examines the harmful impacts of the industry on both the economy and environment, and sheds light on the often overlooked plight of low-wage laborers who are at its center. From its devastating environmental effects to its exploitative labor practices, this incisive documentary reveals how fast fashion has become a far-reaching issue that affects us all.

The film delves into the unique ways in which fast fashion has changed our attitudes toward consumption, highlighting how media and marketing have encouraged us to buy more clothes in an unsustainable cycle of buying and discarding garments. Looking at both macro and micro levels, it paints a comprehensive picture of the long-term consequences of cheap clothing on communities around the world – from farmers in rural Bangladesh to young workers in urban China.

The True Cost offers an eye-opening look at how an unchecked fashion industry can have disastrous effects for people, animals, and planet alike. Through interviews with industry experts and powerful stories of individuals whose lives have been impacted, it shows how we can use conscious consumerism to shift our culture away from disposability and towards sustainability. We urge you to take part in this movement by watching