The true cost of shipping basically everything

Jul 27, 2023 | Environmental, Technology, Videos

Shipping produces an immense amount of carbon emissions, yet it has managed to escape the level of critique levied against other industries. In fact, according to various studies and reports, shipping’s contribution to global emissions is second only to aviation and greater than that of all US coal plants combined.

Given how important this industry is in terms of its environmental impact, it’s essential to gain a more complete understanding of its true effects. To help facilitate this knowledge-gathering process, a new documentary from National Geographic titled ‘Carbon Footprint: The Invisible Giant’ sheds light on the world’s shipping industry.

The documentary explores the freight sector’s connectivity with our everyday lives — from the clothes on our backs and the food we eat — and illuminates how the maritime shipping industry contributes so significantly to global warming. With vivid imagery and harrowing stories told by people living along major trade routes, ‘Carbon Footprint’ reveals how human activities are reshaping our oceans and fueling climate change — often beyond repair.

This film dives into the complexity behind large-scale cargo vessels and follows those who work in them as they navigate some of Earth’s busiest shipping lanes. It also highlights some possible solutions for reducing emissions in these ships, such as transitioning to cleaner fuels or using innovative technology like hybrid propulsion.

By presenting an honest look at a sector that has largely been overlooked when talking about emissions reduction strategies, ‘Carbon Footprint: The Invisible Giant’ provides us with an invaluable glimpse into one of humanity’s most pressing problems — namely, learning how to operate without causing mass destruction. So be sure to check out this powerful documentary and learn more about how you can make your own contribution towards mitigating climate change caused by shipping!

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David B