Salmonella contamination in raw chicken is a major public health concern. In the US alone, over 1 in 4 pieces of raw chicken tested positive for salmonella, making it one of the leading causes of foodborne illness. Even more troubling is that recent studies have shown that many strains of salmonella are increasingly becoming resistant to antibiotics. This worrying development has prompted health experts to highlight the need to take proactive steps to reduce salmonella exposure from poultry products.

A new documentary, Chickenpox: The New Superbug, focuses on this growing problem and examines how the spread of antibiotic-resistant salmonella poses a serious threat to human health. The film takes viewers around the world and documents the stories of those affected by this hazardous bacteria as well as exploring potential solutions.

It’s an important reminder that we must do all we can to prevent further contamination due to salmonella in poultry products. To help raise awareness and inform people about this issue, Chickenpox: The New Superbug is an important and compelling watch—it’s essential viewing for anyone looking to understand the severity of this situation.