The Train That Divides Jerusalem

May 21, 2024 | Religion, Videos

The city of Jerusalem has recently been granted a new piece of modern infrastructure – a rail network that was designed to bring people together and unify the city. Unfortunately, it appears to be having a very different effect, with the train becoming a source of further division between two distinct communities.

BBC’s Panorama, in their documentary ‘Divided City’, brings this issue to light through the eyes of reporter Adam Wishart. In the documentary, Wishart looks at how the new train line has made it easier for Jewish people to enter the Palestinian suburbs without crossing any checkpoints. This influx of Jews is causing tensions within Palestinian areas, as they feel like their homes are being encroached on by outsiders.

In addition to looking at how the rail line has brought about further segregation between these two communities, Wishart also examines what implications this might have for peace in Jerusalem. He interviews both Palestinians and Israelis – including those who are in favor of and against the train – in order to gain an understanding of why these divisions exist and how they can be resolved. The documentary presents viewers with an unbiased perspective on this complex issue and encourages them to consider both sides before forming their own opinion.

We highly encourage anyone interested in this subject to watch ‘Divided City’, in order gain insight into this troubling reality within Jerusalem. Through its powerful storytelling, BBC’s Panorama provides viewers with an informative look into a challenging situation that is all-too-real for many living there today.

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David B