The threat of avalanches – Making Austria’s slopes safe

Nov 5, 2023 | Environmental, People, Social, Videos

Avalanches are among the most deadly natural disasters that occur in mountainous areas. They are unpredictable, destructive, and can happen at any time, endangering the lives of anyone in their path. To prevent these disasters, a team of skilled and brave experts called “Avalanche Blasters” work tirelessly, often in extreme weather conditions, to trigger controlled avalanches that help prevent more severe ones from happening.
In this compelling and thrilling documentary, viewers get an unprecedented look at the lives of these tireless experts, led by Rene Zisek, as they embark on their mission to protect people from the forces of nature. From their base in the beautiful Kitzsteinhorn glacier ski resort in Austria, the team uses explosives to trigger controlled avalanches, risking their lives to keep skiers, snowboarders, and tourists, safe. The film takes you through the dangers and challenges they face daily, from the unpredictability of the weather to the volatile nature of the explosives they use. With stunning visuals and expert testimony from avalanche researcher Engelbert Gleirscher, the documentary provides a gripping and informative insight into the world of the “Avalanche Blasters.”

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David B