The Theft Of The Barnes Foundation

Feb 18, 2023 | Art, Videos

This documentary is looking into the theft of the Barnes Foundation. It is considered to be the world’s best collection of post-Impressionist art and in 2009 its value is estimated to a staggering $25-billion. This elaborate theft was carried out by the second and later generations of the family members of the original foundation’s board.

This robbery posed a direct violation of the written will of Doctor Albert C. Barnes, the collector and owner, who died in 1951. The documentary presents a detailed account of the breaking of Barnes’ will. It was a long term process that was initiated by Philadelphia aristocrats who were not fond of Dr. Barnes while he was alive, and that was continued by the heirs of those aristocrats.

Eventually they managed to orchestrate a different arrangement for the collection, as opposed to the one that Barnes had painstakingly established for it in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania. Finally in 2012 the will-breakers moved the collection to downtown Philadelphia.

This thrilling documentary will give you an insight into the scheme which was used to override a legal document in order to disregard a last will of a dedicated collector and art lover.

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Riyan H.