The Temple of the Viper

Jan 9, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Videos

The first association people get when the Jungles of Penang and Penang National Park are mentioned is a wonderful jungle for trekking, camping, beautiful wildlife, birds never seen before and much more. But deep into the rain forests, there are 16 different types of snakes that are deadly and venomous.

Adam Thorn is an animal biologist, and he is brave enough to venture deep into the jungles to solve a legend surrounding a mysterious temple in the forest. The temple is inhibited by venomous snakes, and a single drop of venom can be deadly for any human being. Where does Adam get the courage to venture deep into the forest from?

Adam says that “being this close to one, and seeing it in person, you can see how breathtaking these animals are”. Being so close to a viper like those found in the temple is an experience few can find the courage to take on.

As Adam puts it, the books and encyclopedias do not do them justice. After showing some of the vipers in the temple, Adam decides to take his journey to the wildlife, where the snakes are even more dangerous. If Crocodile Dundee could do it with crocodiles, Adam can do it with snakes.

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Riyan H.