The Stan Romanek Story

Oct 15, 2022 | Aliens/UFO, Strange, Videos

Stan Romanek is one of the most famous UFO authors and enthusiasts. He has made numerous public appearances in the media, and even appeared on Larry King live. He claims to be an alien abductee, and says he had his first UFO encounter in 2000.

Since then, he claims that he has had several other experiences, including mysterious wounds on his body and communication with aliens over a Ghost Box.

Some people believe his stories, some do not. But there is no harm in listening and watching him speak. The passion he shows in his discussion is incredible. You decide whether you believe in his truth or not. He has talked for UFO for a long time now. Some call him hoaxer, some believe him.

In this speech, he tries to persuade people that were not alone in the space. And he claims he can prove it. He relieves his personal journey as a conduit of extraterrestrial contact.

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Riyan H.