The Spirits of Detroit

  • Published 5 years ago
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Detroit is one of America’s spookiest cities, and many people ask themselves “What goes bump in the night in the Motor City”? The answer? Many things!

The “Spirits of Detroit” documentary takes a look at ghosts, gnoulish creatures and phantoms that lurk inside abandoned factories in Detroit. And there are plenty of abandoned factories in the Motor City. Once known for its motor industry, Detroit is more of a ghost city nowadays.

The documentary captures the perfect television paranormal feeling, an informative and deeply nerdy in the same time. It might be melancholic for some, but it is also fascinating. Legends, history, and real life stories make up the bulk of the documentary.

Featuring original music composition, the movie premiered in 2012, but the topic is still very much up to date and topical.

Done by a native from Detroit, the movie is very Detroit-oriented, informative, fascinating and nerdy in the same time. It is not like your traditional ghost documentary, but more of a historic documentary with some legends in.

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