The Social Dilemma, a thought-provoking documentary directed by Jeff Orlowski, is an eye-opening exploration into the dark side of social media platforms. This film dives deep into the lives and minds of teenagers and young adults and how their experiences with technology have been dramatically altered due to its overuse.

The movie interviews employees from top tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. They offer insights into the inner workings of these companies and how they engineer their products to keep users addicted and coming back for more. The film reveals that we are not in control of our technology, but rather it is designed to keep us hooked. It presents evidence that social media platforms can have severe negative consequences on our mental health as well as influence our behavior in ways we never knew possible.

In addition to hearing stories from these tech insiders, the documentary features interviews with leading experts in psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience and other fields who provide scientific research that further explains why we are so drawn to online platforms. They also explain why it is so hard to disconnect from them once we get sucked in – which leads to increasing amounts of time spent on the internet and a growing feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out).

The Social Dilemma seeks to inform viewers about the impact that technology has on us while presenting solutions for how we can break free from the addictive cycle. This important documentary will make you rethink your relationship with social media and encourage healthier habits when using online platforms. We highly recommend watching The Social Dilemma – it might just change your