The Silk Road

Nov 5, 2023 | History, Videos

The Silk Road or Silk Route is an ancient network of interlinking trade routes that connected the parts of the Afro-Eurasian landmass to the Mediterranean and European world, as well as North and East Africa. This extensive trading route has served for centuries as a bridge between different cultures and has been responsible for some of the most remarkable cultural exchanges in history.

Beginning in China, the Great Wall of China stands witness to one of the first steps on this incredible journey. From there, travelers could view breathtaking sights such as Emperor Qin’s Clay Army, the biggest tomb ever built, and an underground mural devoted to one of China’s most beautiful princesses. The Silk Road provided traders with a passage to transport essential goods such as spices, teas, silk, ivory, textiles, precious stones, gold, silver jewelry and glassware.

The NHK Tokushu documentary series The Silk Road takes viewers on a thrilling journey along this fabled trade route. Spanning 12 episodes and each running at around 55 minutes long, this insightful program gives viewers a chance to explore all the mysteries and wonders found along this unique route. From beginning at the Great Wall to illuminating many more amazing sites located along its path – from India intricately carved temples to Rome’s grand treasures – this documentary is sure to be an experience like no other! So don’t miss out on this fascinating journey through history; tune in today!

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David B