The Ship Sinkers

Jul 24, 2023 | People, Videos

The Shipsinkers is a must-see documentary for anyone looking to learn more about the process of turning aging, rusting vessels into thriving artificial reefs. Featuring exclusive archival materials from the early days of ship sinkings and stunning high-definition footage, the documentary takes viewers on an incredible journey from New Zealand to British Columbia and Florida Keys.

In New Zealand viewers will get an inside look at how the decommissioned frigate, HMNZS Wellington is given a new life underwater. Viewers will be taken through every step of the process, from the initial cleaning and preparation all the way to the last minute chaos as they clock counts down to zero. The film highlights how expensive cutting up these junkyards can be while also presenting an ecological nightmare if they are left to fall apart in dockyards.

The Shipsinkers documentary is truly something special that dives deep into a fascinating topic. Through exclusive archival materials and stunning HD footage, it’s able to vividly showcase a process that most never see. By learning more about ship sinkings, viewers are left with a greater understanding of what goes into creating these amazing artificial reefs. So grab some popcorn and get comfortable because you won’t want to miss out on The Shipsinkers!

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David B