David Parker Ray (November 6, 1939 – May 28, 2002) was a serial rapist and torturer who subjected his victims to unthinkable horrors. Operating in a small town in New Mexico, Ray terrorised women for years before his eventual arrest. Cravenly attempting to erase the memories of his victims with drugs, he kept them trapped in a purpose-built torture chamber in his backyard.

The heinousness of Ray’s actions have attracted considerable attention over the years – and recently, this fascination has been documented in a new documentary about the criminal. The film goes beyond simply detailing events and delves into the psychology of someone capable of committing such atrocious acts. It examines what drove Ray to do what he did, as well as how his victims were bravely able to survive it all and bring him to justice.

This is an important story that deserves to be heard: one that is full of pain and despair – but also courage and strength. It’s a powerful reminder that even when faced with terrible adversity, people can still fight back against evil – and ultimately prevail. As such, we encourage you to watch this documentary and learn more about David Parker Ray’s crimes so that we can remember those that suffered at his hands, as well as honour their bravery.