The Secrets of the Star Disk

May 4, 2024 | History, Videos

Believed to be lost forever, an extraordinary discovery has rewritten the epic saga of how civilisation first came to Europe some 3600 years ago. Recently unearthed in a ransacked Bronze Age tomb in Germany, the find of a lifetime is a small bronze disc of exquisite design. Archaeologist Harald Meller was offered the artefact for sale at the price of £300,000.

This unbelievably precious artefact is thought to provide rare insight into early European civilisation and how they communicated with one another. It’s believed that it could have been used as a primitive form of data storage – much like a computer disk – featuring ancient symbols and images which would have conveyed messages.

The disc is now part of an upcoming documentary ‘A Disc Rewrites History’, set to air on German television channel ZDF this April. The documentary explores theories around the origin and function of this remarkable object, as well as its wider implications for understanding early European cultures. Featuring experts from archaeology to linguistics, viewers can witness this incredible archaeological journey first hand.

We invite you to join us and explore this remarkable discovery with us in ‘A Disc Rewrites History’. With its intriguing mix of science and history, we are confident that you will leave with your mind abuzz with knowledge about our distant past!

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David B