The Secret Life of Your Clothes

Feb 26, 2024 | Social, Videos

The BBC documentary hosted by Ade Adepitan reveals the truth about what happens to the thousands of bags of old clothes that we give away to charity shops every day. Most people assume that these clothes are sold in the charity shop, but this is not always the case. It turns out, much of our unwanted clothing ends up travelling all the way to Africa.

Adepitan takes viewers on a journey to discover what happens to these clothes and how they make their way across the world. He speaks with those responsible for sending them, those on the receiving end who benefit from them, and those in between who facilitate their transportation and sale.

Adepitan’s exploration uncovers a complex web involving multi-million dollar corporations, international charities and local African entrepreneurs – all connected through secondhand garments. Viewers gain an insight into how second hand clothing influences culture and economics in different parts of Africa.

The documentary provides an eye-opening look at just how far our unwanted clothes can travel – and how much of an effect donating them can have on other countries. It also sheds light on popular misconceptions around charity shopping – showcasing how it does more than just provide us with affordable fashion; it has a global reach far beyond our imaginations.

This inspiring and informative documentary is sure to change viewers’ perspectives of where our clothes come from – as well as encourage us to think twice before discarding garments that could be reused elsewhere. So don’t miss out – tune into BBC’s ‘Our Clothes Journey’ featuring Ade Adepitan to experience this incredible journey today!

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David B