The Secret Financiers of North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program

Jul 26, 2023 | People, Social, Technology, Videos

The Hermit Kingdom of North Korea has been an enigma to the rest of the world for decades. Despite being one of the poorest countries on Earth, North Korea is now a nuclear power and has developed its weapons program into a formidable force that has challenged even the United States. But how did this happen?

The answer lies with Bureau 39, an infamous organization deeply embedded within the North Korean government that works tirelessly to procure foreign exchange to fund Kim Jong-un’s regime. This documentary exposes some of the most jaw-dropping tactics employed by North Korea to bypass UN sanctions and finance its nuclear arsenal. Through interviews with insiders and years of research, viewers will gain a better understanding of how this much-maligned nation has managed to achieve such success in nuclear weapons development.

From cyber theft to illicit drug trafficking, from illegal arms sales and black market gold trading, Bureau 39 utilizes all avenues available to them to keep Kim Jong-un’s regime afloat. This documentary sheds light on some of their most clandestine activities, as well as providing insights into why North Korea continues their pursuit despite economic hardship and international condemnation.

If you are interested in learning more about one of the most secretive societies on Earth, then look no further than this eye-opening documentary about Bureau 39 and how they have allowed North Korea to become a nuclear powerhouse. Don’t miss your chance to see this unique take on how one country manages to not just survive but thrive against all odds!

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David B