The science of explosives |

Jul 19, 2023 | Science, Technology, Videos

Unleashing a force in millionths of a second that can create extraordinary substances, the use of explosives has shaped humanity’s history like no other discovery. Explosives have contributed not only to the destruction of man-made structures but have also led to the creation of complex materials that revolutionize various fields. From airbags that have saved millions of lives to the creation of nanoparticles that reduce the charging time of batteries, they have a significant impact on our daily lives.
A new science documentary explores the diverse ways humans have harnessed the power of explosions. The explosive materials make it easier to quarry new roads, create better and more powerful electronic components and even help researchers create new and durable nanoparticles. The documentary also reveals the impact of these detonations on the world and the ways we use them in our daily lives. Don’t miss this fascinating documentary that sheds light on how humans have leveraged explosive force to achieve incredible progress.

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David B