The risks from Covid-19

Sep 18, 2023 | Health, People, Social, Videos

Sayulita, a picturesque fishing village on the west coast of Mexico has been heavily reliant on tourism for years. But the sudden outbreak of coronavirus brought everything to a standstill. Now, struggling with a shortage of work and income, the residents are slowly opening up to vacationers. The only problem: tourists could potentially bring infection into the village along with money.
Meet Beto- a local tour guide who lost all his income in a day due to the pandemic. With fishing no longer being profitable without tourism, like many others in Sayulita, he is trying to make ends meet any way he can. In this documentary, we introduce the viewer to the locals of Sayulita, their stories, and their struggle to keep their community afloat by inviting outsiders. However, with most of the influx of tourists being fed up with the coronavirus restrictions back home, they tend to ignore the safety protocols in Sayulita and just want to have fun. Medics in Sayulita are warning of increasing infection cases, but will it stop the tourists from living their life? Watch the documentary to find out the aftermath of tourism in Sayulita.

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David B