The right-wing extremists plot to overthrow the German government

Jun 30, 2023 | Military/War, People, Political, Social, Videos

For years, fears have been growing about the emergence of far-right groups within the German police and military. Now, investigative journalist Dirk Laabs claims that radical conspirators are actively preparing a coup against the government.
Laabs has found evidence that far-right groups illegally gained access to government ammunition, and have stockpiled weapons as part of a plan to launch an insurrection on “Day X.” The supposed motive? Overthrowing the government during a time of national emergency, such as the current coronavirus crisis. As reports of right-wing extremist activity continue to emerge, senior officers and politicians seem hesitant to confront the problem. With far-right activity on the rise, is this a moment of reckoning for Germany?

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David B