The Real Sleeping Beauty

Aug 16, 2023 | Health, Videos

In 1984, Sarah Scantlin’s life changed when she was hit by a drunk driver and subsequently fell into a coma. Despite the doctors’ efforts to save her life, the severity of her brain injuries left them with no choice but to remove the part of her brain that enabled speech. For twenty years, Sarah remained in her coma until one miraculous day in 2005 when she woke up and asked for a manicure.

Two years after waking from her coma, Sarah allowed a documentary film crew to chronicle her story. This documentary offered an opportunity to investigate how coma victims are far more aware of their surroundings than previously thought. It explored the effects of the twenty-year coma on both Sarah and her family, as well as how they managed financially during those years.

This incredible documentary follows Sarah’s journey as she adjusts to life outside of the coma and works towards gaining back control over her body after so much muscle deterioration. She shares what it was like existing in such a state of limbo while being fully aware but unable to communicate. We also get an insight into how Sarah’s family had to cope with what they thought was their loss only for it now be reversed and having to adjust once again without warning.

This amazing account is an inspiration for us all and definitely worth watching. Be sure to check out this incredible story of hope and resilience if you’re looking for something truly remarkable!

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David B