The Real Rain Man is a documentary that tells the inspiring story of Kim Peek, an American mega-savant who became famous for being the real life inspiration behind the iconic movie, Rain Man.

Kim Peek was born in 1951 with severe brain damage and no ability to walk or talk; despite this, he developed extraordinary skills in certain areas which made him a true genius. He had an incredible memory which enabled him to memorize over 12,000 books in great detail and with remarkable accuracy. His skills were so impressive that they even earned him the title of “the living Google”!

The documentary follows Kim’s journey from his humble beginnings to becoming the real life inspiration for one of Hollywood’s biggest movies. It features interviews with people who knew and worked with Kim, as well as never before seen archival footage of Kim himself.

The Real Rain Man is an inspirational film that sheds light on how our individual differences can be celebrated rather than stigmatized. It celebrates the power and potential of those with disabilities, showing how someone like Kim can contribute so much to society despite facing seemingly insurmountable challenges.

We highly recommend watching The Real Rain Man as it offers a unique insight into an extraordinary life story. It will leave you feeling inspired by Kim’s courage and determination, as well as moved by his tremendous sense of humor and zest for life.