The Race Card Face Up

May 29, 2022 | Crime, Justice, Videos

A retired judge, has made a short play, titled “The Race Card: Face Up”, exposing injustices in the jurisdictional system in America.

Along with the play, the judge has started a petition, one that calls the public and the media to expose the horrible injustice done to several executives that are serving between seven and eleven years in prison.

Known as IRP6, the executives started a company called IRP Solutions. Prosecutors claimed the software and the business was a scam, and put the executives in jail. The play, written by a retired judge aims to show the public the real story.

The theater has donated resources and time to make the play work, and the actors have donated their time. You can see the play, and decide for yourself if the executives are guilty, or the justice system has done injustice to them. The retired judge hopes to get the petition before president Obama. You can help!

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Riyan H.