The Queen of Versailles is an amazing documentary that follows the story of Florida billionaires David and Jackie Siegel and their family as they attempt to build a grandiose home known as ‘Versailles’, one that is set to become one of the most luxurious and expensive private residences in America. This film gives viewers an intimate look at their ambitious project, as well as the challenges they face while attempting to build their dream home amidst the backdrop of the global financial crisis.

The documentary starts off with this couple expressing their desire to create a palace that would befit royalty, but after spending millions on construction, they find themselves struggling to finish it when the housing market crashed. The movie shows us how David and Jackie’s hopes for their opulent dream home are dashed as they try to come up with alternative plans in order to complete it. We also get an inside look at how this crisis impacts their lifestyle and see what measures they take in order to save money, such as selling off luxury cars and cutting back on staff.

Coupled with its captivating visuals and commentary from various experts, The Queen of Versailles offers up an engaging insight into this couple’s journey as they try to make sense of these difficult circumstances. From learning how wealth doesn’t guarantee immunity from hardship, to understanding just how powerful economic forces can be, this film serves up important lessons about life in a compelling way.

If you’re looking for a gripping yet thought-provoking movie experience then The Queen of Versailles is definitely worth watching. With its fascinating characters and authentic portrayal of the effects of economic struggles on everyday lives, this documentary will leave you feeling both entertained and enlightened!