The Perfect Vagina

Oct 14, 2022 | Sexuality, Videos

In the past several years, sexual surgeries have grown in popularity. Young girls are trying to “get their vulva to normal” with the help of surgery. What makes a vagina imperfect? And with that being said, what is actually the perfect vagina?

One woman tries to understand and answer the question. Interviewing several young girls, she tries to find out what convinces them that their vagina is abnormal, and what are their motivations for surgery.

There are differences between one and another vagina, and some girls just like to keep “a little girl’s vagina” forever. Is that possible?

Be warned, the documentary shows pictures of vaginas and vulvas, but never in a pornographic way.

Even teenage girls go under the knife nowadays, and the trend is getting more and more worrisome. Women should love their lady parts, rather than cutting them off. At least that should be the normal, and the “perfect vagina”.

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Riyan H.