The Oldest Place On Earth

Apr 3, 2023 | Nature, Videos

This documentary gives us a unique opportunity to visit one of the oldest places on Earth. This is also one of the most intact places on Earth, a vast forest that stretches in the south of Venezuela. It is here, along the border with Brazil, that a great Guayana Massif lies and according to the legends this is the home to the gods of the Great Savanna.

There is a tribe inhabiting this wonderful place, living in harmony with the surrounding nature. They adapted to this lifestyle and this amazing place is their home. This forest, though very beautiful, also has its dangerous side. The wilderness is very much alive and quite unforgiving.

There are a number of different tribes that dwell in these parts. Their culture is almost as old as their habitat. Discover a unique lifestyle, a culture that is nothing like we have seen so far and have a chance to explore the untainted wilderness, where all life lives in harmony.

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Riyan H.