The New Silk Road, Part 2: From Kyrgyzstan to Duisburg

May 22, 2023 | People, Social, Travel, Videos

Embark on an epic journey to uncover the truth about China’s global power aspirations and the legendary trade road that they believe will lead them there. In a stunning two-part documentary, viewers are taken on a mesmerizing tour of the New Silk Road – the mammoth infrastructure project that aims to connect China with the West.
As our intrepid authors travel down two separate paths – one following the sea route and the other traversing the ancient Silk Road through Central Asia – they discover the hidden side of China’s self-interest and geopolitical ambitions. At every turn, they encounter a world in flux; a place where traditional trade routes are being dismantled and replaced with immense construction sites and shipping hubs. While some welcome the promised prosperity the New Silk Road will bring, others fear that it will leave them in a worse place than they were before. From Kyrgyzstan to Oman and Marseille, the documentary offers a rare insight into the breathtaking dimensions of this gigantic project and the impact it is having on people and the planet.

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David B