The New Black Elite: Super-Rich African-Americans

Nov 18, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

The current state of African Americans in the United States is a troubled one. With poverty rates higher than any other ethnic group, the odds are often against them. However, there is a new trend emerging that sheds light on the potential for success within the African American community. This is the story of the “Black Elite”; a group of highly successful black people who are making their mark not only in America but around the world.

According to recent statistics, one in every 50 African American families is now a millionaire, a significant increase from years past. The term “Black Elite” refers to this group of successful individuals who have amassed wealth and influence in various industries. Amongst them is Don Peebles, a property developer and the Black Trump, with an estimated net worth of $700 million.

The Black Elite has also taken over the cultural scene in places such as Atlanta, where they hold significant political power, and Texas, where they have established a cosmetic empire. Take Psyche Terry and her husband, who have been invited to every social event in Dallas, or the “buy black” movement, which encourages community business and has its own version of Amazon.

The emergence of the “Black Elite” is a sign of change in the African American community. It is an indication that, despite the obstacles, anything is possible with dedication and hard work. To truly understand this trend and the stories behind this group of exceptional individuals, we highly recommend watching the documentary on the subject. The film offers a more in-depth exploration of the topic, including interviews and insights from some of the most prominent members of the Black Elite.

In conclusion, the “Black Elite” is a group of highly influential and successful African Americans making waves in various industries. They are proof that the American dream is achievable regardless of skin color or background. To learn more about the Black Elite, watch the documentary, and be inspired by their stories of resilience and determination.

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David B