The Most Hated Man in Britain: Nicholas van Hoogstraten

Jan 7, 2024 | Social, Videos

The Courtlands Hotel in Hove, United Kingdom is owned by one of the wealthiest and most controversial figures in Britain, Nicholas van Hoogstraten. His business empire spans three continents with a reported net worth of £800 million, including property, mines, farms, art, shares and money lending. In July 2002 he was arrested for manslaughter following the murder of Mohammed Raja and sentenced to 10 years in prison. However, after winning the right to a retrial he was cleared of all charges and released.

Now viewers can follow Nick’s day-to-day life as he runs his business empire with his unique style and attempts to reclaim what was taken from him during his initial arrest. Through this documentary we get an intimate look into the world of Nick van Hoogstraten – a man who has been called “Britain’s Most Notorious Landlord”, who has been involved in numerous high-profile court cases throughout his career.

The Courtlands Hotel is both an intimate portrait into the world of Nick van Hoogstraten as well as an exploration into the murky areas of business at its highest level. It offers unprecedented access to one of Britain’s richest men while illustrating how justice works (or sometimes doesn’t work), in today’s world. Anyone interested in uncovering more about this fascinating figure should watch The Courtlands Hotel documentary to gain insight into this incredibly complex individual as well as learn about modern moneymaking methods and their consequences.

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David B