The Mooting Competition

Dec 28, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Every year, the African Human Rights Competition “Plädoyer” brings together some of the most talented law students from all over the continent. For a week, these outstanding individuals assume the roles of prosecutor and defense in a fictional human rights case. The competition has become renowned for its high level of difficulty and compelling storylines.

The competition consists of two stages: a preliminary round where teams compete against each other to gain entrance into the final round, and then the actual finale, with two teams facing off for the chance to take home the coveted trophy. This is an intense process that requires participants to be well-versed in human rights laws and international conventions. They must also be able to demonstrate their knowledge of legal proceedings and effectively communicate their arguments in court. Those who make it through this grueling challenge are rewarded with an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate their skills on a global scale.

The African Human Rights Competition “Plädoyer” is not only an amazing platform for aspiring lawyers but also serves as inspiration for other young people who might not have considered law as a potential career path. Viewers can observe these young minds in action and watch them put theory into practice, all while gaining valuable insight into what it takes to succeed within this field.

For those interested in learning more about this remarkable event, there is a documentary available which chronicles the competition’s development since its beginning in 2011. This feature-length film highlights different aspects of Plädoyer each year including interviews with jurors and competitors as well as spectator commentaries throughout both rounds. By offering viewers an inside look at how complex issues are discussed and ultimately resolved within human rights cases, this documentary provides invaluable insight into an often overlooked part of international lawmaking.

We invite you to experience what African human rights law looks like in action by watching this captivating documentary about Plädoyer – because success stories like these need to be told!

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David B