The Molecule That Made Our World

Jun 28, 2023 | Science, Videos

Oxygen – we all need it, we can’t live without it. It’s integral to life on this planet. And it’s probable that, as you watch this film, you will be breathing in an oxygen atom that was also breathed by Genghis Khan – or by the first ever apes to stand upright on the plains of Africa.


Oxygen is essential for life on earth, vital for the everyday functioning of all living creatures. Without it, no creature would be able to survive. It is interesting to think that the same oxygen atoms which are in our atmosphere have been breathed by some of history’s most influential people – from Genghis Khan to the first apes who stood upright on the plains of Africa.

This breathtaking concept is at the center of a new documentary film which explores this idea and more. The film dives into the science and history behind oxygen’s role in sustaining life on Earth, while providing an insight into some of the incredible things that those same oxygen atoms have been witness to throughout time. By offering a glimpse into these incredible stories, viewers are encouraged to see oxygen for all its complexity and wonder.

From its involvement in human evolution, to its role in sustaining traditional cultures, to its interactions with other elements like carbon dioxide and nitrogen, this educational documentary offers a fascinating look at one of nature’s most important elements: oxygen. Combining scientific facts with philosophical reflections about how we interact with our environment, this film is an informative yet enjoyable watch for anyone interested in biology or ecology.

If you want to learn more about one of nature’s most essential elements, and gain insight into human history on Earth so far, then don’t miss out on watching this unique documentary about oxygen!

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David B