The Minds of Men

Jun 25, 2023 | Political, Social, Videos

In April of 1953, CIA Director Allen Dulles made a speech that would eventually initiate the launch of one of the most notorious projects in the agency’s history: MKUltra. This highly classified operation was created to counter any Soviet attempts at “brainwashing” and marked a new era in the battle for control over minds. Just three days after his speech, Dulles signed off on MKUltra – a project that would darken the reputations of the CIA for decades to come.

MKUltra revolved around mental manipulation through experimentation and various social engineering tactics, many of which were considered unethical or immoral even by 1950s standards. All of this was done in secret, leaving a swath of concerned citizens wondering what was going on behind closed doors. To this day, much of MKUltra is still shrouded in mystery.

In light of this knowledge, it’s understandable that recent years have seen a surge in interest surrounding this infamous project. Countless documentaries have been released exploring various aspects of MKUltra’s history, and now there is a brand new one coming out called “The Battle for Mens Minds”. It is an investigatory 3+ year journey into the past which reveals startling insight into our modern world – including insights into mind control during the intense Cold War period.

For anyone wanting to understand more about MKUltra and its legacy within American society, “The Battle for Mens Minds” is an essential watch. Through interviews with experts and personnel involved with the project itself – such as CIA Director Allen Dulles himself – as well as archival footage and photographs from throughout history, viewers are given unprecedented access to information that has long been hidden away from public view. By learning about these events from an objective point-of-view, we can gain valuable perspective on our present world – both politically and socially.

So if you’re interested in understanding more about how mind control played an important role during one of America’s most pivotal conflicts – or if you simply want to learn more about MKUltra itself – “The Battle for Mens Minds” is something not to be missed!

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David B