“The Mighty” – Beith Juniors Historic Scottish Cup Win

Sep 19, 2022 | Sports, Videos

No matter what the Beiths did in the Finals of the Scottish Cup 2016, they were heroes. The team from a small city, the Juniors compete in the West of Scotland Super League. The capacity of their stadium is just 1,500.

The team made history when they qualified for the Finals, but they managed to do even more, winning their first ever Scottish Cup thanks to goalkeeper Stephen Grindlay. The hero helped the team win the cup on penalties, after the game ended 1:1 in regulation.

But as with every historical event, something is in the air before history happens. Such was the case with the Beith Juniors, as the fans of the club were “feeling it in the air”.

The team from North Ayshire was founded in 1938, and this is the story of their historic win. Featuring members of the teams, fans, coaches, and sport experts, “The Mighty” documentary shows the players and their preparation for the final game, as well as the in game heroics and post-game thoughts. Enjoy!

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Riyan H.