The Mermaid II

Feb 10, 2023 | Strange, Videos

This documentary represents a fictional investigation about a discovery of a mermaid. It was first screened on May 27th in 2012, on Animal Planet and June 17th 2012, on Discovery Channel. A team of marine scientists are on a brink of discovery of a species that is known to man only in legends and myths.

It began in 2004, when Dr Brian McCormick, a marine biologist, recorded an unexplainable sound and decided to open an investigation on the subject. The mystery continues as McCormick gathers a team to explore a carcass washed on the sea shore in South Africa. The origin of the creature is a mystery, but one thing is certain, it is related to human beings!

This extraordinary work is based on the actual recording of a sound in the ocean, cell phone footage confiscated by the government and an undigested carcass extracted from a shark resembling a mermaid. These findings are puzzling scientists to this day.

This documentary is produced for Animal Planet by Darlow Smithson. The executive producer is Charlie Foley and the script was written by Foley and Vaibhav Bhatt. The supervising producer was Jamie Dugger and the executive producer was Tom Brisley.

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Riyan H.