The Math Mystery: Mathematics in Nature and Universe

  • Published 6 years ago
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We live in an age of astonishing advances. Engineers have managed to land a Rover on Mars. We communicate using wireless technology. Physicists are exploring the essence of all matter. And underneath all those scientific discoveries, lies one knowledge: the knowledge of mathematics.

Some people like to say that everything was already there in the nature, and people only found a way to invent the system to explain the processes and everything else that is happening in nature. A good comparison to math and science is language. When you think about it, we already had the emotions and feelings inside of us with thousands of years. And with time, we created a system that we can use to express those feelings and emotions.

That being said, some intelligent people disagree that math is “all that there is”. Nobody can argue that. Others, believe in the powerful mystery of mathematics. Some people are convinced, some are not. But nobody can immediately discount the idea.

Going through examples of how mathematics is controlling our life, the science behind one of the most mysterious sciences is extraordinary. The narrator in the documentary will show you examples, and afterwards, you are hard pressed not to start believing in the mystery of mathematics.

Join the astonishing and provocative journey and exploration of math’s signature in the swirl of nautilus shell.

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