The Man Who Will Eat Anything for Fame

Dec 17, 2023 | Social, Videos

This powerful and captivating documentary tells the story of Chris Schewe, also known as Youtube personality Shoenice22, and his remarkable journey of consuming bizarre items in the pursuit for ending world hunger.

At just three years old, Chris would astonish doctors by eating a whole pack of cigarettes. As he grew up, he managed to gain the admiration of his classmates by daringly accepting their challenge to eat various inedible items such as salt and baking soda, metal pieces, glue, grass and sawdust – all without hesitation.

Now a full-grown adult, his mission has only become more intense. For over two years now, Chris has been eating and drinking unimaginable things from sticks of antiperspirant to entire bottles of grain alcohol. It’s no surprise that his extraordinary skills have turned him into a renowned name on YouTube.

So what’s the real reason behind this man’s peculiar behaviour? After all these years, Chris is determined to find solutions for combating world hunger. His approach is certainly different but it’s worth seeing if it pays off in the end.

If you’re looking for an inspiring film that will make you question our current situation on global poverty and food waste then this is a must-see movie! Shoenice22’s incredible journey filled with self-sacrifice will give viewers a unique perspective on how we can make a difference for future generations. So don’t miss out – watch this documentary today!

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David B