The Man Who Invented More Than 800 Iconic Toys

Aug 6, 2022 | Business, Videos

A. Eddy Goldfarb is an American toy inventor. The creator of over 800 toys, he is best known for inventing Yakity Yak Talking Teeth, Battling Tops, KerPlunk, Stompers, and Vac-U-Form. He is the subject of the award winning short film Eddy’s World.
Born in 1921 in Chicago, Illinois, he is now in his 90s. But he is still alive and kicking. He created classics like the bubble gum, chattering teeth, and the game KerPlink.
This documentary, Eddy’s World, is an award-winning short movie that shows how he invented all those toys.
As a young child, he was quite interested in how things work. When he was five years old, his father brought home a radio and when it didn’t play, he gave it to his son to see how it worked. Eddy says it was one of the best toys he ever had.

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Riyan H.