The Lying Game: The Crimes That Fooled Britain

Dec 13, 2023 | Crime, Science, Videos

Recent years have seen a slew of notorious criminals emerge, with Ian Huntley, Stuart Hazell, Mitchell Quy and Karen Matthews among the most infamous. Each of these individuals were convicted for different crimes, but there was one unifying factor during their trials: they all lied on camera about the heinous acts they had committed.

In this ITV documentary special, experts in forensic psychology and behavioural science explore the lies these criminals told and how they managed to deceive Britain for a brief period of time. Using cutting-edge technology and interviews with key figures from each case, the documentary delves deeper into the science behind lying and reveals what it is that gives liars away.

This important piece of investigative journalism is a must-see for any crime enthusiast, or anyone interested in understanding more about why people lie and how experts uncover truth from deceit. Through compelling visuals and expert testimony, this unique documentary allows viewers to gain an insight into the psyche of some of Britain’s most notorious criminals.

Don’t miss out on this fascinating exploration into why we lie–tune in to ITV now to watch!

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David B