The Lost Platoon

Apr 26, 2024 | Military/War, Videos

Luke Langley is a 22-year-old veteran who has been to Afghanistan twice, and he recently shared his story in the documentary 7 Platoon, directed by Mark Evison. The film follows Seventh Platoon of the Welsh Guards over the course of one day in 2009 during their tour of duty in Helmand Province, one of the most dangerous regions in Afghanistan.

The platoon was stationed at a fort known as Haji Alem, four kilometers from the main forward operating base. Just a few kilometers down the road was a Taliban stronghold that posed an imminent threat to their safety. In addition to regular patrols, they often dealt with crossfire from across the canal, which tragically resulted in injury and death on more than one occasion.

When Lieutenant Mark Evison arrived to take command of Seventh Platoon he faced an uphill battle. Most members were barely out of their teens and none had experienced combat before this deployment. As Evison wrote in his diary: “we are walking on a tightrope… injuries will be sustained which I will not be able to treat and deaths could occur which could have been stopped.”

7 Platoon’s only lifeline was the ability to summon devastating firepower at short notice – but when that lifeline failed them, they were left to fight alone. This is where 7 Platoon takes off – it’s a thrilling tale of courage and strength as they come up against insurmountable odds and try to make it through the day alive.

This documentary is an amazing testament to human resilience in some of our most trying times – it’s beautiful yet harrowing account of our brave soldiers who fought for our freedom despite all odds. 7 Platoon is a must-watch film for any history buff or anyone interested in understanding what really happened during this crucial event in our recent history – so don’t miss it!

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David B