The Lost Gospel of Judas

Sep 11, 2022 | Religion, Videos

The discovery of ancient texts like the Gospel of Judas has generated renewed interest in the ideas of many early church rejected. This documentary reveals the truth behind the supposed secrets of the Gnosis. Interviews with historians and scholars, which examines the origins of Gnosticism, an early influence – and what is fueling their resurgence today.

What if an ancient gospel was rediscovered that offered a radically different perspective on a man that history has painted as the final villain? What if this account turned Jesus’ betrayal on its head, and in it the villain became a hero?

This documentary offers unique access to documents and evidence which tells the incredible story of what happened to the Gospel of Judas since it was found. Combining dramatic recreations and insightful analysis of the world’s leading experts, ask and answer the question: Is the Gospel of Judas real?

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Riyan H.