The Living Universe: Cosmos as Organism

Apr 21, 2024 | History, Videos

The Living Universe: Cosmos as Organism is an engaging documentary that explores the idea of the universe as a living organism. With mesmerizing visuals and thoughtful narration, it guides viewers on a journey through ages past and present to unravel the mysteries of our universe.

Since the days of scientific revolution, humanity has sought to understand its place in the grand scheme of things. It began with Sir Isaac Newton’s ‘universe as machine’ metaphor, which was grounded in traditional Christian faith beliefs that God had set this machine in motion. Fast forward to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, and humans were forced to reconsider their role in nature.

The Living Universe proposes another possibility – that the universe is not merely a shell where things happen from within, but rather a living process which evolves through interactions between all elements it contains. It delves into how much influence our minds have over the basic functioning of our universe and encourages us to explore this concept further.

This captivating documentary takes viewers on an explorative journey into celestial realms with stunning animations that illustrate its concepts. Scientific explanations and spiritual musings are woven together to create an unprecedented perspective on humanity’s relationship with the cosmos. The film also dives into questions such as “Does human matter even matter?”, “What are the implications for our consciousness?” and more thought-provoking inquiries about life itself.

In short, The Living Universe is an insightful exploration of humanity’s connection to cosmic forces that will expand your perception of reality like never before – making it a must-watch for fans of science, philosophy and spirituality alike!

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David B